Together Apart at Museo Nacional

Online opening: July 15th

5 p.m. Colombia - 7 p.m. Argentina

On YouTube/MuseoNacionaldeColombia

The exhibition Together Apart at Museo Nacional presents in Bogotá a selection of works participating in the 2017 and 2019 editions of the project Juntos Aparte-Encuentro Internacional de Arte, Pensamiento y Fronteras in Cúcuta, which since its first edition has been carried out in collaboration with BIENALSUR. 

This selection takes stock of the transformation of the Colombian-Venezuelan border model through works by artists from the region and national and international authors who have dealt with this context. Memory, milestones and the present intertwine in a back-and-forth fashion, tracing the cyclical time of binational brotherhood as a continuous present, through the prism of the border. 

A second part broadens the range of reading and inscribes the Colombian-Venezuelan episode on a global scale, approaching borders and human mobility from themes such as universal humanism, geopolitics and economics, models of citizenship, media representation, art, or paradigms such as nation-states and racism.

Alex Brahim

Together Apart at the National Museum is a partner exhibition of BIENALSUR 2021. It is presented at the Museo Nacional de Colombia with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Asociación de Amigos del Museo Nacional. Photograph: Juan Pablo Echeverri. miMundoscuro 24 digital colour prints on paper, 50 x 70cm each. 300 x 540 cm. 2019

Km: 4660

Venue: National Museum of Colombia

Address : Cra. 7 # 28-66

City : Bogotá



Marcelo Brodsky (ARG)

Antonio Caro (COL)

Yosman Botero (COL)

Núria Güell (ESP)

MO Colectivo (COL)

Adrián Preciado (VEN)

Lester Rodríguez (HND)

Oscar Iván Roque (COL)

Mauricio Sánchez (COL)

Wilmer Useche (COL)

Noemí Vega (COL)

Slavs and Tatars (POL-IRN)

Betsabeé Romero (MEX)

Alexandra Morelli (COL)

Amparo Cárdenas (COL)

Ana Montenegro (COL)

Andrés Duplat (COL)

Angie Jácome (COL)

Andrés Moreno Hoffmann (COL)

Avelino Sala (ESP)

Carmen Ludene (VEN)

Dan Perjovschi (ROU)

Daniel Arévalo (COL)

Daniela Ortiz (PER)

Diana Villamizar (VEN)

Gabriel Castillo (COL)

Glenda León (CUB-ESP)

Jaime “Pekoz” Martínez (COL)

Juan Carvajal Franklin (COL)

Juan Pablo Echeverri (COL)


Richard Moncada (VEN)

Samir Quintero (COL)

Santiago Vélez (COL)

Sergio “Bayo” Durán (COL)


Alex Brahim (COL)



From 2021/07/15

To 2021/09/12