À mains nues + Temple of Love - Atopos

Opening January 9th

Last opening BIENALSUR 2021 Following the last exhibition of the Le vent se lève collection, which portrayed the relationship between humanity and the Earth, MAC VAL continues the exploration of the human by refocusing on the body, its language, and its reinvention power. The works evoke the reinvention of oneself, the future that we must create with our own hands. In this shared experience of the pandemic, of the avoidance of the others, of their contact, of the violent observation of our bodily fragility and our condition as a living body, it is imperative to project ourselves into the future and to glimpse it with desire, enthusiasm, and hope in a new way. The body and its language, the vital fluids, the limbs, including the hands, embody the reinvention of oneself against reality, destiny, or social determinism. Just like fiction, narration, mise-en-scène or transvestism are strategies implemented by the artists to initiate this gentle, determined or more warlike reinvention. Addressing the others, their gaze as well as their body, is at the core of the works, through the creation of their own image, portraits or self-portraits which thus resonate with the historical and contemporary phenomena of the invention of the self. Temple of Love - Atopos Gaëlle Choisne introduces inhabitation into the halls of the museum: she receives the body of the visitors as the very subject of the project and puts into practice the principle of hospitality so dear to the MAC VAL. As a guest to intervene in the museum spaces, Choisne proposes a project entitled Temple of Love, which is part of her exploration of A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, by Roland Barthes, and which has been carried out for several years in different places. This new interference at MAC VAL, Atopos, can be seen in the centre of the exhibition space of the À mains nues collection, alongside the other works. Using mobile and sculptural devices, it provides ways to welcome the public, inviting them to participate in and listen to around twenty programmed interventions that can be activated over the course of a year.

The artist accompanies the works in the collection through life and the very essence of humanity: philosophy, reflection, contact, the longing to evolve, and germination. Her project is placed here under the sign of love and relationships with the others, an experience of live love as a political, social, and caring response: an ecosystem at the service of the living.

Km: 11020

Venue: MAC VAL - Musée d'Art contemporain du Val-de-Marne

Address : Place de la Libération, 94400

City : Vitry-sur-Seine



Annette Messager (FRA)

Clément Cogitore (FRA)

Pierre Ardouvin (FRA)

Kapwani Kiwanga (FRA)

Boris Achour (FRA)

Bianca Argimón (FRA)

Kader Attia (FRA)

Élisabeth Ballet (FRA)

Jean-Luc Blanc (FRA)

Éric Baudart (FRA)

Nina Childress (FRA)

Gaëlle Choisne (FRA)

Mathilde Denize (FRA)

Angela Detanico et Rafael Lain (FRA)

Edi Dubien (FRA)

Mario D’Souza (FRA)

Mimosa Echard (FRA)

Éléonore False (FRA)

Sylvie Fanchon (FRA)

Valérie Favre (FRA)

Esther Ferrer (FRA)

Nicolas Floc’h (FRA)

Mark Geffriaud (FRA)

Shilpa Gupta (FRA)

Thierry Kuntzel (FRA)

Emmanuel Lagarrigue (FRA)

Ange Leccia (FRA)

Natacha Lesueur (FRA)

Marlène Mocquet (FRA)

Charlotte Moth (FRA)

Frédéric Nauczyciel (FRA)

Romina de Novellis (FRA)

Melik Ohanian (FRA)

Bruno Perramant (FRA)

Françoise Pétrovitch (FRA)

Abraham Poincheval (FRA)

Laure Prouvost (FRA)

Judit Reigl (FRA)

Jean-Luc Verna (FRA)

Catherine Viollet (FRA)

We Are The Painters (FRA)


Alexia Fabvre (FRA)

Gaëlle Choisne (FRA)

Mélanie Meffrer-Rondeau (FRA)

Florence Cosson (FRA)

Curatorial axes:

Art Politics



From 2022/01/09

To 2022/12/15