Great Colombia Artistic Meeting

Opening: Juntos Aparte III Encuentro Internacional de Arte, Pensamiento y Fronteras JUNTOS APARTE 2021 Friday, October 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. (COL time) at the Plaza de Banderas del Parque Grancolombiano Villa del Rosario, Cúcuta, Colombia.

 After being present at the Museo Nacional de Colombia and the exhibition Between Us and the Others: Together Apart at Km 0 at MUNTREF Hotel de Inmigrantes, the meeting returns to Cúcuta, Colombia, to conclude its itinerary in BIENALSUR 2021.  


This third edition in the Colombian-Venezuelan border takes place at a crucial historical moment for humanity in a particular cultural environment. Yet, it is projected towards the world to foster dialogue, understanding and community awareness: "Today, more than ever, we must remain Together Apart".  


The trilogy The Great Colombia is a project by Antonio Caro (RIP), a pioneer of conceptual art in Colombia and Latin America that has been held within Together Apart and ends in 2021 under the title Great Colombia Artistic Meeting.  


The trilogy The Great Colombia began in 2017 with the exhibition of the graphic piece Great Colombia Re-Union Meeting 2022, including conversations led by Caro himself with citizens from Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama, the four countries that made up this republic.


In 2019 The Great Colombia was a visual creativity workshop led by Caro, aimed at emerging artists from the border in which they discussed that nation. The result was the 2021 exhibition Andean Republic.


The trilogy will conclude as a posthumous tribute during the Bicentenary of Cucuta’s Constitution in 2021. Forty-four artists from Latin America have intervened the sketch of Great Colombia with a Pan Americanist and decolonial approach. The resulting images are now raised as large-format flags in the place where it all began and where the continental divide is revealed.

Km: 4951

Venue: Parque Grancolombiano

Address : Complejo histórico Parque Grancolombiano, entre el Museo Casa Natal del General Santander y la Casa Museo La Bagatela

City : Villa del Rosario



Alexander Apóstol (VEN)

Cildo Meireles (BRA)

René Francisco (CUB)

Adrián Balseca (ECU)

Marcelo Brodsky (ARG)

Antonio Caro (COL)

Jordi Colomer (ESP)

Adrián Preciado (VEN)

Mauricio Sánchez (COL)

Wilmer Useche (COL)

Amparo Cárdenas (COL)

Carlos Zerpa (VEN)

Carmen Ludene (VEN)

Gabriel Castillo (COL)

Jorge García (ESP)

Nicolás Cadavid (COL)

Pablo Helguera (MEX)

Ramón Mateos (ESP)

Taller el Hueco (COL)

Teresa Mulet (VEN)

Ñukanchik People (ECU)

Angela Bonadies (VEN)

Antoni Muntadas (ESP)

Carlos Uribe (COL)

Cecilia Vicuña (CHL)

Colectivo Nadie (COL)

Emilio Torres (PRY)

Fernando Arias (COL)

Fernando Bryce (PER)

Franklin Aguirre (COL)

Javier Calvo (CRI)

Jorge Vaca Forero (COL)

Juan Carvajal (COL)

Luis Ángel Parra (COL)

Luis Camnitzer y Gabo Camnitzer (URY)

María Angelíca Medina (COL)

Maya Saravia (GTM)

Melissa Guevara (SLV)

Pluma Ñanda (Marcelo Quillupangui) y Maria Fernanda Gallardo (ECU)

Rafael Sánchez (VEN)

Ramón Zafrani (PRY)

Raúl Marroquin (COL)

Ricardo Benaim (VEN)

Rolando Peña (VEN)

Tomás Ochoa (ECU)


Alex Brahim (COL)

Curatorial axes:

Transits and Migrations



From 2021/10/29

To 2021/12/03