Echoes. A World between the Analogue and the Virtual

Opening November 30th 6p.m

Echo and reverberation as acoustic phenomena are chosen here as a poetic metaphor for the ways in which we move naturally around the world between analogue and virtual situations. We flow between two dimensions, time and space, through different kinds of experiences - sometimes in person, sometimes virtually, which leads to a displacement in which other forms of configuration of the "real" are installed. Some experiences resonate like echoes in others, thus changing the notion of “reality.”

From this perspective, this exhibition seeks to convey to the viewer a poetic dimension of the flow of the contemporary subject through a varied selection of artists and works. The selected works will fit into the spaces, thereby producing a situation of immersion, inviting us to explore spaces that are not fully acknowledged, which are discovered as we walk through them and modified by the works therein and the relationship that spectators establish between such spaces in their singular journeys.

The relativization of space, featured in the works of Carola Zech, Cécile Bart, Muhannad Shono, Daniel Canogar,Ahaad Alamoudi, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Joël Andrianomearisoa and Anaïs Lelièvre, finds its counterpoint in those of Hugo Aveta and Darren Almond, where time is also made relative. Memory, history, and the inclusion of past and present imaginaries are revealed to the public in the video installations of Angelika Markul, Tanja Deman, Chris Larson, Matilde Marin, Filwa Nazer, Lina Gazzaz, and Sujin Lim. Just like a coda, the condition of the subject is "portrayed" in the works of Daniah Alsaleh and Tony Oursler. A feeling of estrangement will be the ”search engine” in this proposal, which aims to instill uncertainty in the

spectator, and hence the wish to explore and think creatively about it. Diana B. Wechsler

Echoes. A World between the Analogue and the Virtual is presented in Saudi Arabia in the framework of BIENALSUR 2021 with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia.

Photo: EVANESCE from Daniah Alsaleh.

Km: 12009

Venue: Qasr Khuzam

Address : Al Kandarah District

City : Jeddah

Saudi Arabia


Joël Adrianomearisoa (MDG)

Angelika Markul (POL)

Hugo Aveta (ARG)

Matilde Marín (ARG)

Séve Favre (CHE)

Muhannad Shono (SAU)

Daniah Alsaleh (SAU)

Lina Gazzaz (SAU)

Sujin Lim (KOR)

Ahaad Alamoudi (SAU)

Darren Almond (GBR)

Cécile Bart (FRA)

Daniel Canogar (ESP)

Tanja Deman (HRV)

Valérie Jouve (FRA)

Anaïs Lelièvre (FRA)

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MEX)

Filwa Nazer (SAU)

Tony Oursler (USA)

Chris Larson (USA)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)



From 2021/11/30

To 2022/01/30