The collective exhibition "Utopias and dystopias in the contemporary landscape", at the MAAC - Museum of Archaeology and Contemporary Art of Guayaquil, Ecuador, marked one of the last inaugurations in Latin American territory as part of the BIENALSUR 2019 program.

The public was confronted with a set of works that show interests in cartography, urban landscape and biopolitics in a crossroads that transgresses classical concepts and broadens points of view.

The curatorial proposal aimed to bring into play the tension between the traditional concept of landscape - that which represents nature in its pure and wild state - and the contemporary artistic productions around it.

In this sense, landscape today is the object of the artist's critical gaze with a bias that challenges the observer and his reality.

In this way, through different formats and materials, the abstraction and reconstruction of the landscape is captured in the nets, the urban horizon, the perspective of an insurmountable panorama because of the violence together with the denunciations regarding the use and abuse of the natural environment.

The exhibition featured works by artists Dani Spadotto (BRA), Guido Yannitto (ARG), Denise Gadelha (BRA), Khalil Charif (BRA), Carlos Gomez Centurion (ARG), Juan Carlos León (ECU) and Carolina Barros (CHL), among others.