What's going on on the roof?


"Why is there a house upside down in Libertador and Callao?", "A crane and a house turned upside down: the image that alarmed motorists on Libertador Avenue," "A funny installation makes an impact”. The media quickly echoed the surprising installation of the renowned Austrian artist Erwin Wurm "House attack" on the terrace of the MARQ, which is part of the BIENALSUR 2019 program, the biennial that runs until November simultaneously in 43 cities in twenty countries.

The work consists of a prefabricated house literally turned around, which pretends to be about to fall, and it required the work of a crane to be installed on the roof of the Museum of Architecture and Design "Julio Keselman";  an atypical postcard that attracted numerous curious people.

Wurm's piece is part of the curatorial axis "Art and Public Space" of BIENALSUR, which articulates the disruptive spirit of intervention and bewilderment of diverse proposals, which contribute to break the daily inertia of those who transit these spaces day by day.

 "The house, that one with the composite roof, with a simple floor plan, the one we usually draw as a prototype of a house-home when we are children, takes on a disturbing tone in this installation by Erwin Wurm. Situated at the top of a building, the house loses its axis, begins to slide and is turned, as if on the verge of falling. The house thus becomes a threat, it attacks. This serene prototypical construction -representation of the home, of the family- becomes something else and therefore a threat. With this simple gesture, as simple in appearance as that drawing for children, Wurm turns upside down the feeling of stability of those who approach the building and, with it, the stable idea of family, home, middle class, “straight-regulated” society, etc., to tighten, with irony and humour, everything pre-established", explains Diana Wechsler, artistic-academic director of BIENALSUR.

Internationally renowned for his "sculptures" that humorously pose unexpected relationships with everyday objects, Erwin Wurm (Austria, 1954) is one of 400 artists participating in BIENALSUR 2019, the biennial organized by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), until November in 43 cities in 20 countries.