BIENALSUR 2021 Meeting: to the South’s South, from Malaga, Spain


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To the South’s South is the name of the BIENALSUR Project in La Térmica, a contemporary cultural creation, production and training center based on a modern, open and plural approach that seeks to develop a new look on reality, through culture and citizen initiative, in Malaga, southern Spain.

In the third edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of the South organized by the National University of Tres de Febrero, La Térmica will be the headquarters of Km 9692 of the expanded territory of art, culture, dialogue and global thought that BIENALSUR has built since its inception, at the end of 2015. There we will inaugurate, in July, a collaborative work in which we reflect from a southern perspective with four artists: Agustina Woodgate (ARG), Paola Monzillo (URU), Graciela Sacco ( ARG) and Voluspa Jarpa (CHL). Female artists whose works redesign cartographies that shed light on invisible realities.

"To know that one comes from the «South» is not only to locate a geography, but to feel that we are being stared at; it is to receive a certain regard. A look that classifies, that makes up the «different», that possesses the instruments to give what is looked at the mere quality of a thing, of an «exotic» object that, it is said, does not know how to identify its own image or construct its own story. But what happens when the person being looked at is able to stop, with the help of the mirror of self-consciousness, the petrifying gaze of the Dominating Medusa. What happens when the "South" regard returns the gaze to those who believed to possess it, so that, unexpectedly, they see themselves, without wanting to, as an «otherness», as generators of «otherness»?", asks Eugenio Carmona (ESP), historian, art critic and professor at the University of Malaga.

On this and other issues related to Latin American art, Aníbal Jozami and Salomón Castiel, General Directors of BIENALSUR and La Térmica respectively, together with Carmona; Alex Martin Rod. (ESP), curator and independent researcher; Isabel Hurley (USA), gallery owner; and Juan Francisco Rueda (ESP), art critic and professor of Art History at the University of Malaga; will talk in Malaga on Monday, June 14 at 13 in Argentina (6pm in Spain). Via streaming will be joining the conversation the artist Voluspa Jarpa and Diana Wechsler (ARG), BIENALSUR's Artistic-Academic Director and curator of the exhibition that will be presented in Spain.

We hope you can join us on the BIENALSUR website on Monday, June 14th at 13 (Argentina time) to participate in the BIENALSUR 2021 Meeting: To the South’s South.