From the Wound

Opening November 18th 6pm

Visits: Wednesday to Sundays from 2pm to 8pm, without previous registration. 

This exhibition addresses the idea of the wound as a space for reflection and vindication, and presents its condition of vulnerability as the power to struggle. The proposal urges us to listen to the multiple open wounds that break through us and challenge us as a community. Such wounds ooze from our texture and epidermis: social, colonial and gender rips; racial, historical and environmental fractures whose cuts and scars pierce us and nail us to this world.

Chantal Maillard writes that "the wound precedes us. Rather than inventing the wound, we come upon and acknowledge it". Wounds never end in themselves, but spread through the body calling each other out. In these times of uncertainty, thinking about the wound and its scar leads us to apprehend the volatility and fragility we are immersed in. From the wound, which is part of us, the artists realize their fragile position in order to reconvert it into power. 

The pieces are shown as connecting threads that resurface and weave a new resistance on the basis of artistic languages. Accordingly, the exhibition delves into the poetics of the wound, that is to say, the significance of the image and the narrative in the presence of diverse crevices. A poetics that is necessary to reconnect us with the fragments of experience as a link between ourselves and our absences thus creates an exercise in visibility and empowerment.


Virginia Roy

Photo: Tania Candiani

Km: 1.3

Venue: Centro Cultural Kirchner

Address : Sarmiento 151

City : Buenos Aires



Graciela Sacco (ARG)

Ana Gallardo (ARG)

Claudia Coca (PER)

Mercedes Azpilicueta (ARG)

Tania Candiani (MEX)

Minia Bibiany (GLP)

Adriana Ciudad (PER)

Lúa Coderch (ESP)

Donna Conlon (PAN)

Marilà Dardot (BRA)

Fritzia Irízar (MEX)

Grada Kilomba (PRT)

Magalí Lara (MEX)

Chantal Peñalosa (MEX)

Kara Walker (USA)


Virginia Roy (ESP)

Curatorial axes:

Fluid Constellations



From 2021/11/18

To 2022/02/13