Come and reflect on "lifestyle marketing" at the service of gentrification.


Within the framework of Martha Rosler's exhibition "Maybe this time it’ll be different", for which a free public reference library with feminist contents was created, the reading workshop "Art and gentrification: a reflective reading on Martha Rosler's urban gaze" will be held in two meetings that will take place on October 31st and November 16th at MUNTREF Old Immigrants Hotel.

The architect Ana Gómez Pintus and the historian Valeria Gruschetsky will be in charge of this meeting that will seek to reflect on the processes of gentrification of some neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires.

These questions will be worked on with Rosler's book "Cultural Class. Art and Gentrification", a set of essays in which the American artist analyzes the role of the visual arts as a strategic asset instrumented by municipal governments for the creation of real estate value and the invention of new consumption patterns based on the commodification of culture. 

As the critique explores in these pages, Bycycle lanes, artisan breweries, the promotion of "emerging" neighborhoods, the proliferation of festivals sponsored by banks and foundations, and the construction of resplendent cultural centers are some of the recurring figures with which urban planners construct ”lifestyle marketing” and design an ideology of creativity at the service of capitalist gentrification.

An undisputed reference in feminist art, Rosler visited Argentina last July, as part of her first exhibition in Argentina, "Puede que esta vez sea diferente," curated by Lucrecia Palacios.

Since the 1960s, the artist has built an intensely political work that includes photomontages and videos, the construction of archives and libraries, the writing of essays and the giving of lectures.

"Perhaps this time it will be different", her first project developed in the country, is the creation of a library on art and feminism in Spanish, which brings together a thousand titles that account for, accompany and intervene in the intense feminist and feminism discussion that has been taking place in recent years in Buenos Aires.


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