The eye of the hurricane

Opening October 5th 4.30p.m

Visits: from Monday to Friday from 2p.m to 7 p.m.

The pandemic has exacerbated the deterioration of the social fabric that is characteristic of neoliberal development. We find ourselves fragmented, and the notion of individual salvation in the face of this catastrophe emerges strongly, fuelled by hegemonic discourses. In contrast, this exhibition focuses on strategies of empathy and collective dimensions of occupation of the public realm. How does the culture of mass mobilization in Argentina intersect with the artistic developments of recent decades? What images have they produced and what interventions on the aesthetics of the public sphere have they shaped? What means do they provide for thinking about the present?  Twenty years after the crisis of 2001, we propose a revision of the images of community life in a historical account that brings together various clues in order to illuminate critical modes of coexistence. The selection ranges from the expressive overflow that marked the return to democracy in the 1980s to the present. From protests to neighbourhood fairs, from wandering through the urban landscape to group actions in the street and critical signaling to collective artistic production, from the assertion of memory to the installation of new political horizons in feminism, this exhibition explores different relationships between the individual and the community. With democracies conquered by technology and automatism, it recovers alternative memories and activates new dialogues between politics from the grassroots and shoulder to shoulder. Florencia Qualina and Leandro Martínez Depietri

BIENALSUR presents El ojo del huracán at the Centro Cultural Universitario Paco Urondo of the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras of the Universidad de Buenos Aires as part of the 200th anniversary of the UBA.

Photo: 26 de junio de 2002 (Los fusilamientos) by Tomás Espina. Banco Ciudad Collection. 

Km: 1.5

Venue: Centro Cultural Universitario Paco Urondo

Address : 25 de Mayo 201

City : Buenos Aires



Tomás Espina (ARG)

Diego Bianchi (ARG)

Magdalena Jitrik (ARG)

Belén Charpentier (ARG)

Pablo Ziccarello (ARG)

Eduardo Gil (ARG)

Karina El Azem (ARG)

Archivo Colección Bruzzone (ARG)

Archivo de la Memoria Popular Villa 20 (ARG)

Diego Pablo Bruno (ARG)

Coty Chiappini (ARG)

Grupo Babel (ARG)

Grupo de la X (ARG)

Eduardo Iglesias Brikles (ARG)

Julieta Iovaldi (ARG)

Organización Negra + Julieta Rocco (ARG)

Candelaria Traverso (ARG)

Juan José Cambre (ARG)

Marcelo Grosman (ARG)


Leandro Martínez Depietri (ARG)

Florencia Qualina (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Art Politics



From 2021/10/05

To 2021/12/11