BIENALSUR Crans-Montana 2021 // Parcours Culturel. Between Art and Nature

Inauguration: August 4th Today’s urban and natural landscapes appear before us much more in the form of images than of real experiences. We tend to get to know many places via photographs, videos and advertisements that invade our everyday perception, often without taking into account the effects that these landscapes may have on the way we can inhabit them. Therefore, the possibility of drawing attention to the subjectivity of one's experience of space is an interesting challenge and a great opportunity for an artistic project. This tension between nature and culture, between nature and society, is the starting point of the itinerary of BIENALSUR 2021. In Crans-Montana the relationship between the natural landscape and human creation occurs in an absolutely unique way. Through interference or a sudden and unexpected presence, the display of works by different artists in these spaces along a circuit specially designed for the town of Crans-Montana, turns it into a new space. The works of art blend in with the urban spaces to create interferences whereby the artistic point of view seeks to recreate the perception of urban space and nature. Through these works, the selected artists - Agustina Woodgate, Iván Argote, Katia Schenker, Pablo Reinoso, Denis Savary, and the local artist Christian de Belair - invite us to look at and rediscover the landscape, the "between" of the cultural and the natural - what humans have made or what nature has created - finding a place by questioning this relationship and by hiding in the architecture, thus generating a presence that is as disturbing as unexpected. Diana B. Wechsler Information available in French // Information disponible en français

Accompanied by: Crans-Montana Absolutely, Les Rencontres de Crans-Montana, Loterie Romande, Le Canton du Valais encourage la culture, Fondation Opale, CMA Crans/Montana Domaine Skiable, Summit Clinic, MSM Marketing Sport Management, Rhone FM

Km: 11921

Venue: Public space Crans-Montana

City : Crans-Montana



Iván Argote (COL)

Denis Savary (CHE)

Christian Boltanski (FRA)

Pablo Reinoso (ARG-FRA)

Marie Orensanz (ARG-FRA)

Agustina Woodgate (ARG)

Katja Schenker (CHE)

Christian de Belair (CHE)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)



From 2021/08/04

To 2022/03/31