To the South of the South: Dissident Cartographies and Zoo

Inauguration: July 27th

Thinking from “another angle” is a practice that often sheds light on frequently neglected spaces in order to pave the way to new perspectives and, along with them, other configurations of the world we inhabit. This is the premise that underlies BIENALSUR, and this undisciplined gaze guides the selection of artists and works that make up this project, on the assumption that this new space will bring together diverse audiences and seek to create new dynamics in the cultural scene of the city.  On different occasions, the artists opted from the south of the south to challenge pre-established positions and in doing so, the maps were the object of revision and redesign. On the topic of the south, Joaquín Torres-García probably gave one of the earliest signs in this connection with his inverted map.  Thinking from a present that calls for a radical revision and following this critical tradition, the selected artists choose maps, libraries and archives to introduce the spectator to the challenge of looking at, seeing again, and questioning data, facts, images and imaginaries that are taken for granted. In short, the idea is to debunk the assumptions that rule everyday logics on the basis of residual elements, at times not so residual, of cultural - and always political - processes of the past.  In this regard, this project aims to invite the public to suspend their certainties for a while in order to reflect upon the conditions of our present through these works that echo different pasts. 

By means of the pieces by the selected artists, dissident cartographies and re-readings of archives and graphic documents contribute to the deactivation of the inertias of thinking and the deconstruction of canonical narratives. 

Diana B. Wechsler

The exhibition To the South of the South includes the projects Dissident Cartographies, with works by Voluspa Jarpa (CHL), Paola Monzillo (URY), Graciela Sacco (ARG) and Agustina Woodgate (ARG) and Zoo, by Voluspa Jarpa (CHL).

Photograph: Cartography of colonisation series - 1670. Voluspa Jarpa, 2021.

Digital print, synthetic ink, glue and coloured pencils on polyester paper. 80 x 98 cm. Photo: Rodrigo Merino.

Km: 9692

Venue: La Térmica

Address : Av. de Los Guindos, 48

City : Málaga



Graciela Sacco (ARG)

Paola Monzillo (URY)

Voluspa Jarpa (CHL)

Agustina Woodgate (ARG)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)



From 2021/07/27

To 2021/11/01