To the South of the South: Dissident Cartographies

Opening: July 27th

Among the instruments of control, maps have historically played a key role in representing spaces and territories and marking out positions that became embedded in the Western imagination as indisputable, “objective” truths, allowing aspects of the world to be identified on the basis of established conventions that are therefore unacknowledged as such. In Estrella de Diego’s words, maps represent a domesticated reality that contains complex dimensions of the real, as is probably the case with any form of domesticity. 

So, what happens when these conventions are revised or disrupted from an alternative point of view? What happens when other data or itineraries that do not normally appear are revealed? 

In 1935, Joaquín Torres García stated: “We now turn the map upside down and we then have a real idea of our position, not the one the rest of the world wants”, a radical gesture that sought to open new perspectives within the South American scene. From radical conceptual positions, this exhibition hall gathers works by South American artists that are an expression of alternative paths that can give rise to what we call dissident cartographies, pierced by different conflicts in the works of Graciela Sacco, Agustina Woodgate, Paola Monzillo and Voluspa Jarpa.

Diana B. Wechsler

The exhibition To the South of the South includes the projects Dissident Cartographies with works by Voluspa Jarpa (CHL), Paola Monzillo (URY), Graciela Sacco (ARG) and Agustina Woodgate (ARG) and Zoo, by Voluspa Jarpa (CHL).

Photograph: Agustina Woodgate (ARG). Documentation of the Ballroom process. Faena, Buenos Aires, 2014. Photo: Guillermo Leon Gomez.

Km: 9692

Venue: La Térmica

Address : Av. de Los Guindos, 48

City : Málaga



Graciela Sacco (ARG)

Paola Monzillo (URY)

Voluspa Jarpa (CHL)

Agustina Woodgate (ARG)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)



From 2021/07/27

To 2021/11/01