"Homages" at the UNESCO Villa Ocampo Observatory


The second edition of BIENALSUR 2019, Argentina's cultural event of contemporary art for the world, inaugurates the installation "Silence II. Homage to John Cage", by Brazilian artist Felipe Julián.

"Silence" is an immersive installation inspired by the definitions of silence that Brazilian writer João Guimarães Rosa reveals through the acustic hallucinations of his character Chefe Zequiel in his short story "Noites do Sertao". 

It also "establishes a dialogue with the work of the American composer John Cage and his postulates on the impossibility of silence," explains Marina Aguerre, co-curator with Liliana Piñeiro of BIENALSUR.

The same space will also host a video installation by French artist Marion Vasseur Raluy entitled "Homage to Tadeusz Kantor", a work that aims to pay tribute to one of the greatest theatre men of the 20th century. 

Both exhibitions can be visited at the UNESCO Villa Ocampo Observatory (Elortondo 1837), in San Isidro, the headquarters representing Km 22.7 of the biennial.