The green light

Opening November 10th 6pm. 

Visits: Wednesday to Sundays from 2pm to 8pm, without previous registration.  "A great deal of what we experience today undergoes different forms of mimicry. Information is created, collected and shared in continuous loops. With each iteration, the mimicked form conveys new information to each point of dissemination. Through its continuous movement, it begins to be formed and reformed and thus is this cycle born. Once a message is shared, it is received and repeated". With these words, Alamoudi - a young Saudi Arabian artist - introduces the premises that give rise to her video installation focused on the ways in which information is shared and at the same time shapes us as individuals in society. Her gaze, which centres on the processes of identity construction, unfolds symbolically in this work through a complex dynamic of lights that are activated in relation to the voices coming from a chorus of men singing an Arabic pop song. Its lyrics are repeated over and over again. By adopting a parodic tone, each of the words present nuances by means of voice inflections, the ways in which the intensity of some words is modified and the phrases are chopped up, along with the proxemics and the camera shots, all of which alters the message subtly, albeit being always the same. No, no, don't leave us; we have always been with you. No, no, don't leave us, even if we weren't with you. Each voice is identified with a unity that is constructed and reconstructed as the light is turned on and off. The messages remain latent and, as the lights are turned on, the messages spread again. The work creates a hypnotic immersion that once again invites us to rethink one of the complex issues of our present regarding information on a global scale: the ways in which messages are transmitted, attention is captured and positions are modeled. Diana B. Wechsler

Ahaad Alamoudi's presentation at BIENALSUR 2021 is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Arabia.

The BIENALSUR 2021 exhibitions at the Kirchner Cultural Center are supported by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina.

Photo: The green light de Ahaad Alamoudi

Km: 1.3

Venue: Centro Cultural Kirchner

Address : Sarmiento 151

City : Buenos Aires



Ahaad Alamoudi (SAU)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Ways of Living



From 2021/11/10

To 2021/12/10