Becoming Body

Opening October 30th 

Visits: Monday to Friday from 3pm to 9pm,  Saturday from 6pm to 9pm.   The artists in this exhibition explore fluid, flexible identities, free from definitions and constraints. They perceive and feel themselves as a body that desires, touches and is touched, a body that listens to and shapes itself to satisfy its most intimate needs. Their proposals replace the logic of being with that of becoming: they focus on action, on constant transformation. There is no point in using an "I" to identify and mark the subject since what really matters is the verb that expresses its process, which is the only thing we can account for. The strategy consists in experimenting and questioning, for only in this way can they be true to themselves. The artists go beyond individuality through a gradual and organic discovery to lay emphasis on transmission and blending, the collective process in which we all learn from each other.

Through a multidisciplinary art that ranges from performance to drawing and installation, the exhibition seeks to blur boundaries, to render them liquid, changeable. It does not even attempt to invent new labels, but to undo them in order to expand the borders of the undefined and encourage true freedom.  

Nerea Ubieto

Photo: Una limpia casera by Mayeli Villalba

Km: 1037

Venue: Centro Cultural de España Juan de Salazar

Address : Herrera 834 / Tacuary 745

City : Asunción



Cecilia Avati (PRY)

Armando Bogarin (PRY)

Leonor de Blas (PRY)

Nicolás Domínguez (PRY)

Otilia Heimat (PRY)

James Morel (PRY)

Fifi Real (ARG)

Guillermo Sanabria (PRY)

Mayeli Villalba (PRY)

Colectivo LTD (ARG)


Nerea Ubieto (ESP)



From 2021/10/30

To 2022/02/11