The Office of Water

Opening: september 10th

Visits: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm with previous reservation through the Museum View MUNTREF App or via e-mail at

The Office of Water is an exhibition practice that derives from mare-a-ando, a project that brings together artistic reflection and representation endeavors regarding the relationship we have with water. Water challenges the heteronormative and binary understanding of gendered biologies, asserting that bodies are formed in a symbiosis with the environment through processes, relationships, adaptations and metabolisms. We begin with the urgency of regenerating the agreement we have with the aquifer, acknowledging water as an indissoluble organism for both communities and territories.  The exhibition located in the museum's SUM (multi-purpose hall) offers an intervention of the traditional exhibition space through the simulation of an office located between the darkness of the night and the depths of the waters. The proposal includes archival projects, videos, artistic proposals and processes, incomplete works, as well as the commission of an original virtual work that departs from the adult-centred experience and calls for the participation and interaction of children. Andrea de la Torre Suárez, Sofía Bastidas and Sofía Casarín 

The Office of Water  derives from mare-a-ndo, a project organised by Ruta del Castor and SMU Pollock Gallery.

Photo: Grabador Fantasma by Adrián Balseca

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Venue: MUNTREF Centro de Arte Contemporáneo y Museo de la Inmigración - Sede Hotel de Inmigrantes

Address : Av. Antártida Argentina S/N (entre Dirección Nacional de Migraciones y Buquebus)

City : Buenos Aires



Adrián Balseca (ECU)

Luisa Lerman (ARG)

Tania Candiani (MEX)

Carolina Caycedo (COL)

Centro Rural de Arte (ARG)

Ramiro Chaves (ARG)

Diego Andrés de la Cruz Gaitán (PRI)

Jonathas de Andrade (BRA)

Peter Fend (USA)

Lía García, Canuto Roldán y Arlishan (MEX)

Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola (MEX)

David Medina y entre ríos (BRA-COL)

Laboratorio Anfibio del Plata (ARG)

Tania Ximena (MEX)


Sofia Casarin (MEX)

Andrea de La Torre Suárez (MEX)

Sofia Bastidas Vivar (ECU)



From 2021/09/10

To 2021/12/23