Vanishing Point

Opening: September 9th

Visits: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.

Exacerbated in recent decades, the persistence of migratory processes highlights unresolved problems both in terms of international politics and individual and collective experiences. And yet, over the last two years, which have been marked by a global pandemic that the mass media have been covering with relish, the "stay home" policy adopted in both hemispheres seems to have obliterated the persistence of the problem, reinforcing inequalities and erasing this social phenomenon from the collective imaginary. The continuity and the urgency of this contemporary issue has been underscored by the proposals of the various artists in this exhibition, thus contributing to tearing up the veil imposed on the gaze: territorial limits can be dislocated at will, while deserted, almost phantasmagorical border posts stand in contrast to those images that highlight the limitation on and control of the movement of groups of women, men and children in search of a place to settle down and live.  Meanwhile, some seemingly solid structures reveal the permanent search for a longed-for settlement. The tension between dreams, wishes and reality becomes an object (stone, bundle, house); and in this materialisation filled with memories and life projects, the present, the past and the future of each human being are challenged. In a world fraught with wires and walls that separate individuals, families and peoples, this exhibition aims to address the problem of contemporary movements and migrations from a sensitive perspective that once again proposes a critical reflection on a subject that involves and affects humanity as a whole. Marina Aguerre

Photo: by Josef Schulz (DEU)

Km: 52

Venue: Centro de Arte de la Universidad de La Plata

Address : Calle 48 nº 575 e/ 6 y 7

City : La Plata



Edison Peñafiel (ECU-USA)

Raúl Pájaro Gómez (ARG)

Adriana Carambia (ARG)

Anahita Norouzi (IRN)

Josef Schulz (DEU)

Séve Favre (CHE)

Patricio Gil Flood (ARG)


Marina Aguerre (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Transits and Migrations



From 2021/09/09

To 2021/12/18