Day 1: Reading workshop "Art and gentrification: a reflective reading on the urban gaze of Martha Rosler"


Two meetings to review and discuss the writings of Martha Rosler, coordinated by Valeria Gruschetsky and Ana Gomez Pintusa, in the context of the exhibition "Puede que esta vez sea diferente", for which a free public reference library with feminist content was created.

Based on some key concepts from Martha Rosler's book "Clase Cultural. Arte y gentrificación", Caja Negra Editora, 2017, will review the problems posed by the author around what is urban, how it is constructed in relation to art and politics; concepts such as "gentrification" will be discussed in order to think about the spaces of our city - Buenos Aires - having as a central axis her critical view on some ideas that Richard Florida proposes as "urban marketing".


The reading material will be sent beforehand.


1st meeting - October 31, 16 hs.

Reading of the text by Martha Rosler, work on the section "cultural class", focusing on the part "art and urbanism" to reflect on the problems posed by the author: 

- Historization of the city concept. Views on the city and the urban.

- How the city is constructed in relation to art and politics 

- Creative classes, Richard Florida's hypothesis

- New forms of city management.

- Gentrification and urban marketing.

- Who are the actors promoting this type of urbanism?

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Sede: MUNTREF Centro de Arte Contemporáneo y Museo de la Inmigración - Sede Hotel de Inmigrantes

Dirección: Av. Antártida Argentina S/N (entre Dirección Nacional de Migraciones y Buquebus)

Cidade: Buenos Aires


Eixos curatoriais:

Gender Issues



De 31/10/2019

A 31/10/2019