Paradigm Park


Paradigm Park is a utopia in action. A group of students, artists and teachers from UNTREF's Laboratory of Electronic Arts founded the Department of Anexact Studies [DEA]. Moving intermittently between self-organization and the institutional agenda, DEA functions as a colony of microorganisms that, in order to survive, must metabolize with the structure that contains it. Adapting, but also slightly pushing those structures into new forms. 

For two months they will cohabit in the same building that houses the Eduardo Sívori Museum, initiating a series of collaborations in which they will rethink the ways in which contemporary culture relates to territory, its past and future, exploring tactics from the field of art. Probably practice of shared desires may realize the need to reactivate the possibilities of a complex and still unexplored techno-social body in all its potency, whose DNA may be synthesized in an idea, simple but uncomfortable: all of us together are much more intelligent than each of us separately.

Artists: Nicolás Bacal, Jerónimo Bujman, Tomás Ciccola, Ariel Cusnir, Nicolás Agustín Da mommio, Rosario Espinoza, Leopoldo Estol, Leandro Garber, Victoria Papagni, Mercedes Sanchez Dansey, Julián Sardi, Yennyfer Tellez, Tomás Werthein y Leonello Zambon.

Km: 8.3

Sede: Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori

Dirección: Av.Infanta Isabel 555

Cidade: Buenos Aires


Eixos curatoriais:

Art and Science