BIENALSUR 2019 presents new venues and artistic proposals starting in August


BIENALSUR 2019, the second edition of the cultural event of contemporary art from Argentina to the world extends its cartography in August with new artistic proposals in Argentina, in the cities of Cordoba and Buenos Aires, and in neighboring countries Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. Organized by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), the biennial unfolds across the globe, simultaneously, until November, with exhibitions of 400 artists in more than 100 venues - with which it works jointly and collaboratively - from 43 cities in 20 countries. 

The International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America, starting in August, continues to add artistic proposals open to the public in different venues of its unique cartography among which are works by Romina Casile, Elda Cerrato, Leila Tschopp, Teresa Margolles, Marcelo Masa͂gao, Mariano Sardón and Mariela Yeregui. 


On August 3 at 17:30 the MEC - Emilio Caraffa Museum of Córdoba adds a proposal to the BIENALSUR program, already present in different museums in the city. It is the performance “Embrace the endearing” ("Abrazar lo entrañable )(2015)" by Romina Casile (ARG) in which the artist investigates the links between intimacy and modes of communication through everyday objects. The work invites the experience of inhabiting and re-appropriating domestic spaces and is curated by Ana Raviña, Jorge Cordonet and María Laura Rodríguez Mayol. 


The 8th at 7pm in the Bolivian capital “Frictions” ("Fricciones") will be displayed at the Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz with works by artists such as Yolanda Mamani (BOL), Alejandra Alarcón (BOL/MEX), Katia Sepúlveda (CHL), Teresa Margolles (MEX) and BIENALSUR curatorship by Fernando Farina (ARG) and Juan Fabbri (BOL). Meanwhile, on August 16 at 7 p.m. the exhibition of the same name will be inaugurated at the Casa Nacional de la Moneda in Potosí with works by Claudia Coca (PER), Santiago Contreras (BOL), Airson Eraclito (BRA), Marcelo Masa͂gao (BRA), Coco Lasso (ECU), Enrique Ježik (ARG/MEX), Serena Vargas (BOL), among others. 

 The exhibition is presented as an essay that takes Bolivia as its starting point, crossed by a colonial past that deeply marked the bodies and memories and reflects on the mechanisms of domination and marginalization that subsist for racial, ethnic or nationality reasons, in different sectors of the population of other countries in the region. 


From August 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago de Chile, an interference from the Argentinean Italian artist Elda Cerrato (1930) can be seen, entitled "Remember a sign. Elda Cerrato [1972-1973]" (Recordar un signo) curated by Gloria Cortés Aliaga. Through the reproduction of her installations censored in 1972 in Argentina, the artist takes part in the exhibition "From here to modernity" (De aqui a la modernidad), which belongs to the Museum's collection.

That same day, at 6 pm, Argentine artists Andrea Ostera, Eugenia Calvo and Nancy Rojas gave a lecture on "No Class: Pedagogy as an Artistic Practice" at the Municipal School of Art in Valparaíso as part of the project "Voyage 0 and other dreams" (Travesía 0 y otros sueños). Then, on August 9 at 4 pm, at the Centex - Extension Center of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage in Valparaíso, and in the same context, artists, managers and curators from the cities of Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza and Valparaíso will gather together to share experiences and imagine future exchanges. Participants: Andrea Ostera (ARG), Eugenia Calvo (ARG), Nancy Rojas (ARG), Romina Castiñeira (ARG), Inti Pujol (ARG), Soledad Aguirre (SGO), Ángela Cura (CHL), Henry Serrano (CHL), Mauricio Toro Goya (CHL), Susana Riveros (CHL), Varinia Brodsky (CHL), Pedro Donoso (CHL), Fernando Farina (ARG).

The inauguration of the exhibition "Journey 0 and other dreams" at the same venue will be at 18:00. In the manner of a work in progress, it is an exchange between artists from the Manuel Musto Municipal School of Art in Rosario (Argentina) and the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Valparaiso. This exhibition has its correlate in an action in Cerro La Loma, where the School of Art and Club Estrella Roja are located, as a continuation of the first meeting of artists and neighbors held for the first edition of BIENALSUR. There, at 20:30 there will be a visit to the interventions made by artists from the Municipal School of Fine Arts coordinated by the artist Henry Serrano (CHL) to end at 21:30 with a banquet in the street.  


On August 9 at 18.30 in Buenos Aires, in the Alfredo Alcón hall of the San Martín Theatre, the installation "Hades in delay" (Hades en demora) by Leila Tschopp (ARG) opens to the public until September 1.  In continuity with the multidisciplinary exploration that the artist has been developing over the last few years, she proposes here an installation framed in three scenic situations in relation to a specific intervention in space. In them, painting, the moving body, scenography and architecture  question  each other, challenging disciplinary and formal hierarchies.

Then,  at the MUNTREF Center for Art and Science and at the Cultural Center for Science (C3) from 13 to 15, the Forum of Art and Space will take place, with the support of the British Council). With the purpose of highlighting the value of interdisciplinary work in the artistic process and identify the strategies that allow the boundaries between disciplines to be erased, professionals from diverse areas and countries who have Space as the substance for their creations will exhibit on astronautics, astronomy, astrobiology, and cosmology. Participants include Christiana Kazakou (GBR), Mariano Sardón (ARG), Sarah Jane Pell (AUS), Xin Liu (CHI), Erica Bohm (ARG), Ximena Abrevaya (ARG), Florencia Laura Vieyro (ARG), Guillermo Faivovich (ARG), Nicolás Goldberg (FRA), among others.


On the 25th, Katsuhiko Hibino's "Turn" will take place in the Sacred City of Quilmes, while on the 28th, the Japanese artist will give a lecture on this project at the National University of Tucumán and  on the 30th, in Buenos Aires at UNTREF. "Turn" is an artistic activity of social inclusion that seeks the exchange between people with different histories. It works with minority communities, taking advantage of the capacity of art to bring people together. And the work of art arises as a result of that interaction between a group of artists and a given community. This time Japanese artists Mai Sone and Shogo Nunoshita participated along with artisans from the Quilmes community. 


On August 28th at 5pm at the Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil) will be the opening of the exhibition "Factors 6.0. Light_energy”  (“Factors 6.0 Luz_energía") which brings together works by Luiz Duva (BRA), Rosangela Leote (ARG), Gabriel Gendin (ARG) and Gisela Biancalana (BRA), Leo Nuñez (ARG), Marlin Velasco (ARG/VEN), Raquel Fonseca (BRA), Sabrina Barrios (BRA/USA) and Sandra Rey (BRA). In this edition the Festival Factors, organized by the Laboratory of Research in Contemporary Art, Technology and Digital Media (LABART) and with the support of the Graduate Program in Visual Arts of the University of Santa Maria (Brazil), focuses on the concepts of energy and light, in terms of sustainability and how contemporary artists problematize these issues that emerge from their practices. Curated by Nara Cristina Santos (BRA) - Federal University of Santa Maria and Mariela Yeregui (ARG) - National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF).