YPF, Argentina's main energy company, will accompany the IV edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art to be held from July to December 2023.
At Km 0 of BIENALSUR, the MUNTREF Sede Hotel de Inmigrantes, the agreement between YPF and BIENALSUR was signed yesterday, November 2nd, by means of which the main Argentine energy company joins as sponsor, within the framework of its Social Investment actions, the contemporary art project incubated at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF).
Santiago Carreras, manager of Institutional Relations and Public Affairs for YPF, and for BIENALSUR, its general director and rector of UNTREF, Aníbal Jozami, participated in the signing ceremony.
Regarding this agreement, Carreras said that the support to BIENALSUR is in line with the federal and community outreach projects carried out by YPF: "Our challenge is to incorporate venues, artists and audiences in different geographical areas of Argentina, promoting the development and access to culture in the communities where YPF is present". On his part, Jozami pointed out the importance of the agreement signed, since "it represents for BIENALSUR the support of the most important company in the country, not only in economic terms but also because of its historical relevance for the development of Argentina".
BIENALSUR is a biennial decentralized, democratic, horizontal.
From its Km 0, the MUNTREF Sede Hotel de Inmigrantes, in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Tokyo, Japan, BIENALSUR traces a new cartography for contemporary art that extends across 18,370 kilometers, simultaneously connecting art spaces, creators, audiences and communities from all continents.
In its first three editions, held in 2017, 2019 and 2021, respectively, more than 1800 creators from around the world participated; 750 artists presented work outside their continents of origin and more than 150 Argentine artists exhibited abroad. For 540 days, BIENALSUR has summoned other dynamics for art and culture, in the search for new logics of artistic and social circulation on a local and global scale.

Towards 2023, BIENALSUR continues towards its IV edition vindicating the right to culture and diversity.