5th Online session towards BIENALSUR 2021


Simultaneous translation into English

At these uncertain times BIENALSUR continues with the online meetings to Think about possible futures in order to address questions about life experiences and the terms in which things have been defined so far, and to reflect upon what to preserve and what to reformulate going forward. 

We uphold dialogue for its polyphonic nature and the diversity of positions that assume their temporariness while listening attentively to other voices, acknowledging contrasts between different expressions and shedding light on the way they complement each other. Open, horizontal dialogues have been BIENALSUR’s hallmark since its inception in 2015, because they make it possible to enhance entropy by incorporating voices for reflection in a continuous present. 

At the 5th Online session towards BIENALSUR 2021 on Saturday July 18th, the proposal is to review different cases of artistic actions “in the territory” that activate and give visibility to specific situations while assisting in the establishment of networks, collaborative actions and community.

Aníbal Jozami, General Director of BIENALSUR, and Diana Wechsler, the Artistic Director of BIENALSUR, will be streaming a conversation with Christian Boltanski, whose voice will be heard from Paris; Maristella Svampa, Argentine sociologist, writer and researcher; Alex Brahim, Director and curator of the artistic program of the Colombian-Venezuelan border Juntos Aparte; Florencia Battiti, Chief Curator at the Parque de la Memoria - Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism of Argentina; Yann Lorvo, Cultural Counselor at the French Embassy in Argentina;  Marcello Dantas, Curator of Magnetoscopio and Casa Bradesco da Criatividade - Cidade Matarazzo, Brazil; Helga Massetani Piemonte, founder and Head of Contents and Internationalization Programs at Bitamine Faktoria, a cross-border creation and cultural production factory based in Irun, on the border of Spain and France; and the cultural sociologist Néstor García Canclini. 

We look forward to seeing you all on the website of BIENALSUR, on Saturday, July 18th at 12 pm Argentina time. The meeting will be live streamed with simultaneous English translation on bienalsur.org/en.

 Questions for the participants of the 5th Online session towards BIENALSUR 2021 can be sent to encuentros@bienalsur.org