The Shortcut

Presentation: Saturday, December 18 from 11 am to 5 pm

Unique event. Limited capacity. With previous reservation via mail to:  

José Luis Landet's construction The Shortcut defies order and arouses the spectators’ curiosity to observe the world from different points of view. Originally installed at the MARCO La Boca Museum in the city of Buenos Aires, the work broke with the formal architectural structure of the museum and the public accepted the risk involved in taking a shortcut to be transported to the first floor, while discovering new works and narratives along the way. The relocation of The Shortcut to a sculpture park and the change of landscape completely transform its perspective, but still offer its essence to the public: to create conditions for a new way of interacting with the environment and to experience surprises along the way. The viewer who dares to climb this shortcut can step into nature, get close to the treetops, observe the birds at close range and see details that are not visible from the ground. From the highest position, the shortcut becomes a viewpoint that generously invites us to appreciate other visions of the countryside and to see the works installed in the park in a different manner.

Km: 59


Address : Ruta 6 Km 95, Establecimiento “Las Camelias” Cañuelas

City : Cañuelas



José Luis Landet (ARG)


Tainá Azeredo (BRA)

Curatorial axes:

Art Politics

From 2021/12/18

To 2021/12/18