Unexpected Spaces

Opening December 9th 5pm Visits: from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 7.30pm  

The exhibition hall is dedicated to the pioneering Argentine sculptress Lola Mora. The presentation is thus based on a selection of Argentine sculptresses who offer a new experience by creatively intervening, expanding and transforming the space they work in.  They are: Eugenia Calvo (ARG), Daiana Martinello (ARG), Marie Orensanz (ARG-FRA) y Marcela Sinclair (ARG). Through the artists’ gaze and their diverse materialities, the exhibition Unexpected Spaces takes over the exhibition hall to temporarily turn it into another space. In some cases, they use predictable sculpture materials, such as steel or iron; other times, they explore accessible household items, such as a blind, fruit, and cuddly toys.  Naturally, neither the most common materials nor the least predictable ones used for the creation of works in the space are treated in a conventional manner. They are shaped and deconstructed by the conceptual proposal of each of these artists in order to offer different views of what has been established.  Unexpected Spaces operates as the conceptual theme-title of this project, which seeks to discover the ways in which proposals that challenge the institutionalised system of conventions, values and the dynamics of symbolic exchanges are advanced through the reconfiguration of materials and spaces. The works of each of these artists aim to provoke alterations that conceptually challenge spectators, to unsettle them and to raise questions that place them - or at least invite them to place themselves - in the realm of critical thinking.

Diana B. Wechsler

Km: 11150

Venue: Casa Argentina en Roma. Sala Lola Mora

Address : Via Vittorio Veneto 7

City : Rome



Marie Orensanz (ARG-FRA)

Eugenia Calvo (ARG)

Daiana Martinello (ARG)

Marcela Sinclair (ARG)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)

Benedetta Casini (ITA)



From 2021/12/09

To 2022/02/28