The Listening and the Winds. Testimonies of a Presence

Opening November 12th   Visits: Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 8pm

The second chapter of this collective exhibition brings together and connects the work of groups of indigenous women, craftswomen, artists, activists and researchers who produce records and events based on their listening to the stories, the memories, and the feelings of the native peoples of Latin America.

Our selection of works from different times and ethnic groups seeks to weave together relationships between craft techniques, testimonies of the defense of territories, and diverse cosmovisions. Voices and gestures reveal the collective resistance to the appropriation (and destruction) of a great diversity of ways of living through the expansion of extractivist production projects and colonizing actions. During our research and coexistence with the groups of women and artists who are part of The Listening and the Winds project, we realized that the breath of nature's poetry is present in the living landscapes. This project seeks to create new working modalities through art, communication, and the social economy, so as to approach indigenous knowledge from different perspectives and to promote intercultural creative experiences.

At the Museo del Barro and the Migliorisi Foundation in Asunción, we work in collaboration with Lía Colombino. We propose to foster a dialogue between contemporary works produced by women from indigenous communities -mainly from the north of Argentina, organized in groups- and a selection of pieces from the Museo del Barro collection, pointing out similarities and the persistence of forms that go beyond geopolitical borders. We also wish to highlight the processes of transculturation, plasticity and fluidity of these peoples to adapt to changes and find new ways of living, thus expressing that memory is an ongoing "being"

Km: 1038.2

Venue: Migliorisi Foundation

Address : Grabadores del Kabichu’i

City : Asunción



Brayan Sticks (ARG)

Daniela Seggiaro (ARG)

Carlos Masotta (ARG)

Caístulo + Dani Zelko (ARG)

Olaf Holzapfel (DEU)

Luisa Juárez (ARG)

Orembiapo Maepora/Nuestro trabajo es hermoso + Florencia Califano (ARG)

Gabriel Rossell Santillán (DEU-MEX)

Thañí/Viene del monte: grupos T´sinay tha´chuma´as (Mujeres trabajadoras) y Suwanhas (Hormigas) + Guido Yannitto (ARG)


Inka Gressel (DEU)

Andrea Fernández (ARG)



From 2021/11/12

To 2021/12/30