Neocolonial II

Opening September 28th 6.p.m

Visits: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm. Free admission.  In Neo-colonial II, Cristina Piffer addresses the journey of the indigenous people known as "Pampas" from the southern border to the sugar mills of Tucumán and Misiones, the major sugar-producing areas in Argentina. The installation features two works: a mural on black metal sheet and a video displaying documentary archives. The mural consists of silkscreened plates made with sugar and charred molasse, which replicate typical ornaments of colonial architecture. As a leitmotif, Piffer uses the tiles that decorated the courtyards and gardens of a 1916 iconic neo-colonial building in Buenos Aires: the Larreta Anchorena house. The video includes fragments of period documents that account for the discussions held in state and private circles about the destiny of the indigenous populations, specifically the sessions at the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, as well as articles from the newspapers La Razón and La Nación. Neo-colonial II problematises the intricate intersections between political power and business projects coexisting in the colonisation of borders and the implications of the persistent underlying colonial layer. Florencia Qualina

Km: 278.5

Venue: Museo Internacional para la Democracia

Address : Sarmiento 702

City : Rosario



Cristina Piffer (ARG)


Liliana Piñeiro (ARG)

Florencia Qualina (ARG)

From 2021/09/28

To 2022/03/03