KIMSOOJA BUENOS AIRES. Chapter 2: Kimsooja. Nomad

Opening September 15th Exhibition open to the public from September 16th Visits: Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Reservations required
Her work flows between space and time in a search to capture diverse realities or to place her opposite, in or between them. Kimsooja defines herself as a nomad. Watching calmly amidst the crowd affords her the possibility of “empathizing with humanity” while bringing her “closer to capturing the essence of the fleetingness of human reality”.  In this series of performance photographs and in the objects exhibited in the hall, the bottari are omnipresent. Each of them is a condensed version of the world, of a singular, intimate world, enclosed or sheltered - as it were - by a blanket that envelops, protects and conceals at the same time a set of necessary objects through which the notion of “necessity” could be redefined in the encounter of each one, or in the imagination of all of us who behold them.  Space and time merge in her work. Space is porous and filled with layers that cover and reveal it. Time is presented as the condition for existence but it is slowed down and redefined by the artistic action as an invitation to an encounter with intimacy. Diana B. Wechsler

KIMSOOJA BUENOS AIRES is presented at BIENALSUR 2021 with the support of Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea, Korea Arts Management Service, and the grant program Fund for Korean Art Abroad (FKAA); the Korean Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires and MECENAZGO. 

 Photo: Bottari Truck - Migrateurs (1997/2009), Kimsooja

Km: 2.5

Venue: MNBA - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Address : Av. del Libertador 1473

City : Buenos Aires



Kimsooja (KOR)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Transits and Migrations



From 2021/09/15

To 2021/11/21