Literature of the Self

Opening: September 8th

Exhibition open to the public from September 9

Visits: Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7pm Paula Parisot, a visual artist and writer, untangles the knot of her own existence in Literature of the Self, a first-person narrative. Those who precede us, the path from childhood, when we do not yet speak, to the free expression of angst, desires, the achievements and failures of adulthood. With a voice deeply marked by her female condition, Parisot unveils social and personal destiny. A video artist and performer, she shifts between the moving image of the performer, and the movement of her own body.  “Life is a useful book for those who can understand it”, sang Miguel Abuelo in the eighties. Parisot seems to believe strongly in this verse, which condenses her poetic intentions: to speak of her life as a succession of pages, chapters of literature loaded with symbols. The experience of love, the dystopia of human relationships that mark bodies with indelible scars. Where do I come from? Where am I going? These are eternal questions with temporary answers. Yesterday, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, New York and Paris, and today Buenos Aires. Each city sets the stage for an artist who abandons the past and remakes the present. The status of foreigner, which is tied to one’s language, gives her the necessary distance to recount her reality, the self-fiction of the self. María José Herrera 

Photo by Guido Limardo

Km: 1.4

Venue: Brazilian Embassy - Palacio Pereda

Address : Arroyo 1142

City : Buenos Aires



Paula Parisot (BRA)


María José Herrera (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Art Politics



From 2021/09/08

To 2021/12/05