The Listening and the Winds. Narratives and Inscriptions of the Gran Chaco

Inauguration: July 8th

Visits: from monday to sunday from 10 am to 8 pm

From the border enclave of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, we set off on a journey that expands to different territories of the American continent addressing relationships between craft techniques, testimonies of the defence of the territories and diverse cosmovisions. We propose connections between different times and memories to learn about the problems of the appropriation of the ecological universe by extractive production projects and collective resistance. As a breath of air that crosses living and political landscapes, we come across the poetry of nature and the poetry of conflicts. We believe that although art can neither represent an alternative reality nor summon a better future, it can envisage both (Ticio Escobar) as a fertile territory for the search of constructions of new ways of bonding with one another. From here we tread a road that brings together and intensifies actions to give visibility to the contemporary aesthetic productions of native peoples. This exhibition at the Museo de Bellas Artes of Salta is intended as an intercultural us through works in which authorship is shared and certainties are blurred.

Voices and gestures take the form of handmade textiles, ceramics, sound landscapes, poems and audiovisual essays, experimentations in which listening is brought to the forefront as an urgent action to acknowledge ourselves. It is not our goal to discuss what we believe should or can be called "art" or the value of a "craft"; we propose a space for the convergence of different constructions of meaning to generate something new which, albeit alien to what we understand as our own, still engages us.

 Andrea Fernández and Inka Gressel

The Listening and the Winds is a project selected from the international Open Call that BIENALSUR held between February and June 2020. Conceived as part of the Environment cycle of the Untie to Tie project of the ifa-galerie Berlin, it comes to the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Lola Mora in Salta with the support of the ifa (German Institute for Foreign Affairs) and BIENALSUR.

Accompanied by: Secretariat of Culture of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of the Government of Salta and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Buenos Aires.

Photograph: "Silat (Message)". Acrylic woollen cloth crocheted by weavers from the Thañí/Viene del monte collective of Wichí communities in the north of Salta (Argentina). Photo by Victoria Tomaschko.

Km: 1285

Venue: Lola Mora Provincial Museum of Fine Arts

Address : Belgrano 992

City : Salta



Guido Yannitto (ARG)

Colectivo Thañí/Viene del monte: grupos T´sinay tha´chuma´as (Mujeres trabajadoras) y Suwanhas (Hormigas) (ARG)

Colectivo Orembiapo Maepora/Nuestro trabajo es hermoso (ARG)

Brayan Sticks (ARG)

Caístulo (ARG)

Dani Zelko (ARG)

Daniela Seggiaro (ARG)

Carlos Masotta (ARG)

Carlos "Pajita" García Bes (ARG)

Florencia Califano (ARG)

Silvia Valverde (ARG)


Inka Gressel (DEU-CZE)

Andrea Fernández (ARG)



From 2021/07/08

To 2021/10/22