What is the application timeframe to apply for the International Open Call towards BIENALSUR 2023? From March 15th at 10 a.m. (GMT-3, Argentina time) until May 27th, 2022, at 6 p.m. (GMT-3, Argentina time).  On which dates will the next edition of BIENALSUR take place? The fourth edition of BIENALSUR will take place between June and December 2023. The exhibitions - actions, interventions, public programmes, etc. - will take place on different dates within that period. How to participate in the Open Call? The only way to register for the Open Call is through the BIENALSUR website, using the apliccation platform

Who is eligible to apply?

Artists, curators and curators from all over the world irrespective of nationality are welcome to apply. There is also no age limit or gender categories. CVs are not requested. 

If I participated in previous editions of BIENALSUR, can I apply again with a different project?


Can I submit more than one project?

There are 4 (four) categories to apply for the Open Call towards BIENALSUR 2023: individual artist, group artist, individual curator, group curator. For each of these categories each applicant can submit one application.

Is the topic free?

The call is completely free, without a pre-established topic so as to identify the active agendas in each location. On the basis of the analysis of the projects received, the International Curatorial Council identifies the curatorial axes that will make up the next edition of BIENALSUR. Likewise, based on the topical convergence, the projects will be integrated into curatorial projects to be displayed in the different venues of the BIENALSUR cartography.

What kind of projects and what disciplines are eligible?

All kinds of projects, including intersections between different disciplines. Works in the most diverse formats can be included, from interventions in a specific space to exhibitions in more conventional platforms: painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, video, installations, performance, film, music, video, etc. The main selection criterion is the quality and originality of the proposal.

Does the project have to be unpublished?

Although the Call aims primarily to bring together original and unpublished projects, those that have already been exhibited or produced for other venues may also be submitted, with the respective adaptations to the territory, community or space where they will be re-located. In the case of a previous version of the work, the presentation must clearly indicate where and when it was made.

Do I need a space to host my project?

It is not necessary to propose a specific space to present a project. Should you wish to suggest one, you may do so, but it should be noted that its definition will be evaluated in due time with the Curatorial Team if the project goes through the different stages of evaluation. BIENALSUR collaborates and participates in the management of the spaces that are part of the global BIENALSUR network. 

Are itinerant projects or projects in different locations accepted simultaneously?


Is it necessary to submit a cost estimate?

It is not necessary to submit a cost estimate in the first phase of the Call for Proposals, but it will be required in case the project goes through to the second phase of the evaluation.

How many application and evaluation stages are there?

The first stage for project submissions will be open from March 15th at 10am (GMT-3, Argentina time) until May 27th, 2022 at 6pm (GMT-3, Argentina time). Next, the International Curatorial Council will begin the evaluation of all the proposals received. Once the projects that pass to the second stage have been defined, BIENALSUR will contact the applicants so that they can complete a second application phase where they will be required to provide more details about the project. Subsequently, the Council will continue with the second stage of evaluation in which the projects to be part of the fourth edition of BIENALSUR in 2023 will be selected.

What are the implications of having passed to the second stage?

Firstly, it reflects an interest of the International Curatorial Council in the proposal. Furthermore, applicants who go through to this stage will be asked to complete a second form with more information about the project. Going through to the second stage does not automatically imply participation in BIENALSUR 2023.

When will the results of the Open Call be announced?

As the process moves forward, the BIENALSUR team will contact applicants individually to inform them of the status of their project.

If I have any doubts about the application form, what should I do?

First of all, we invite you to download the application instructions from the corresponding platform. You will find notes there that will help you with your application. If you still have any doubts, you can contact us at info@bienalsur.org for questions regarding the content of the application form, or at webmaster@bienalsur.org for technical questions about the application process.