God is an Immigrant


 Located in the square of the former Immigrants’ Hotel, this intervention comprises 10 masts resembling crosses that uphold immigration.
The artist said: “Argentines descend from ships. Since 1911 the Immigrants’ Hotel has received enormous migration flows that crossed the Atlantic and at one point accounted for over 25% of the total population. (...) I cannot forget that we are all immigrants and therefore, God is one too. God is supposed to be omnipresent, to possess the gift of ubiquity. Going everywhere without a passport. An immigrant of succession. Genius. And where will I flee from your presence? Let’s move on. Universal ideas are immigrants.”

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Venue: MUNTREF Centro de Arte Contemporáneo y Museo de la Inmigración sede Hotel de Inmigrantes

Address: Av. Antártida Argentina S/N, 1104 CABA

City: Buenos Aires



Mariana Telleria

Curatorial axis:


From 11/09/2017

To 04/02/2018