Moving Nature


In a setting with metamorphic relationships between (micro and macro) devices, bonds are established with subtle and fragile worlds, thus underscoring various issues related to the environment, climate change, and the extinction of biodiversity. In the dynamic of artificial lives, synthetic beings also adopt forms of behaviour that emulate those of nature, recover their materiality, or simply and categorically challenge laudatory views on technology.

Moving Nature is an interuniversity action in Argentina and Brazil featuring works by artists who, with different perspectives and selections, create an assembled symphony of flows, while simultaneously expanding and contracting the scene.

The distinctive shapes adopted by the pieces of this show favour the autonomy of the parts within the framework of an integrated whole, where every entity has a unique nature and still is on equal terms with the others (men, plants, devices…). Most importantly, the entities outline other points of view concerning the context, and go beyond the human-centric approach to propose what Rodolfo Kusch described as “be-being”: a form of being situated in indetermination, a dynamic humanity in an empirical, specific event.

Km: 19

Venue: MUNTREF Artes Visuales sede Caseros I

Address: Valentín Gómez 4838

City: Tres de Febrero



Colectivo Electrobiota (MEX)

Mariela Yeregui (ARG)

Ana Laura Cantera (ARG)

Fernando Codevilla (ARG)

Leonardo Arzeno (ARG)

Gabriela Munguía (MEX)

Guadalupe Chávez (ARG)

Raul Dotto (BRA)

Walesca Timmen (BRA)

Grupo Robótica Mestiza (ARG)

Juan Ford (AUS)

Laura Nieves (ARG)

Leandro Nuñez (ARG)

Miguel Grassi (ARG)

Paula Guersenzvaig (ARG-ESP)

Yara Guasque (BRA)

Eduardo Kac (BRA)

Guto Nóbrega (BRA)

Grupo NANO

Gilbertto Prado (BRA)

Grupo Poéticas Digitais (BRA)

Rebeca Stumm (BRA)

Paula Gaetano (ARG)

Gustavo Crembil (ARG-USA)

From 06/11/2017

To 17/12/2017