Art, Time and Nature


Art, time and nature are the three notions that conceptually organize the series of works gathered in the former Confitería El Águila, currently MUNTREF Centre for Art and Nature, whose mission is to address issues related to the environment, natural resources and biodiversity through the visual arts. 

This set of projects serve as a guide for visitors, showing them around various scenes that raise awareness about different environmental situations and the way they have been or are being dealt with.

Km: 5

Venue: MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Naturaleza - Sede Ecoparque de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Address: Av. Sarmiento 2725

City: Buenos Aires



Freddy Dewe Mathews Dewe Mathews (GBR)

Colectivo Electrobiota (MEX)

Fátima Rodrigo (PER)

Balam Bartolomé (MEX)

Dias & Riedweg (BRA-CHE)


Diana Wechsler (ARG)