KM 0 of BIENALSUR inaugurates two new exhibitions


On October 29, at 12:30 pm, BIENALSUR inaugurates at the MUNTREF Immigrant Hotel Headquarters, the exhibitions "If it moves it's alive" and "05786" integrated in the curatorial axis "Transits and migrations" that are added to the already inaugurated proposals of artists such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Martha Rosler, Pablo Reinoso, Hassan Bourkia, among others.

With the exhibition "05786", artists of different nationalities present an installation made with blankets discarded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The title of the exhibition alludes to the reference code with which the discarded blankets are catalogued, those that serve to cover from the cold but that also hide a pressing issue. Each blanket represents a person, an absence, a victim of the brutal politics of exclusion. In turn, the blankets that are on the beds that welcomed those who arrived at the former Old Immigrants Hotel in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the twentieth century, draw a silent parallel between distant migratory policies in terms of time and space, opposed both in their procedures and in their results.  

This exhibition includes artists Lucas Sere Peltzer (ARG/DEU), Matiullah Afzal (AFG/FRA), Wiktoria Konwent (POL) and Sebastián Podestá (ARG/ESP).

From that day onwards, the exhibition "If it moves it's alive" by the Spanish artist Diego Vivanco, which questions the flag and its different functions through video, photography and installation, proposing reflections and questions around the themes of communication and cultural identity will also be on show. "What you do, how you live, how you communicate, that is each one´s flag," says the artist.