BIENALSUR Inauguration in Tierra del Fuego


Within the framework of a unique and singular landscape, with a multiplicity of extraordinary proposals that will be deployed in the cities of Rio Grande and Ushuaia, in the confines of the American continent, BIENALSUR begins this great artistic event:


Museo del Fin del Mundo - Antigua Casa de Gobierno:

Exhibition: Art and territory - Artists: Jean-Christophe Norman (FRA).

Museo del Fin del Mundo - Ex Banco Nación:

Installation: The gaze that builds the world - Artist: Pablo La Padula (ARG)

Museo Pensar Malvinas:

Exhibition: Two, three, many - Artist: Esteban Álvarez (ARG)

La última Bita:

Action: Postal Action BIENALSUR at the End of the World

Aeroclub Ushuaia:

Intervention: Flags of the end of the world. From Draw me a flag, a project by Christian Boltanski for the Cartier Foundation, Paris, France - Artists: Christian Boltanski (FRA), Voluspa Jarpa (CHL) and Magdalena Jitrik (ARG)


MFA - Museo Fueguino de Arte - Centro Cultural Yaganes

Exhibition: Landscapes between landscapes - Artists: Berna Reale (BRA), Lia Chaia (BRA), Gabriela Golder (ARG), Angelika Markul, (POL), Dora Longo Bahía (BRA), Carla Zacagnini (ARG/BRA), and Matilde Marin (ARG), Graciela Taquini (ARG) with Gabriela Larrañaga (ARG), Teresa Puppo (URY) and Anabel Vanoni (ARG).

Exhibition: The water that put out the fire - Artist: Gustavo Groh (ARG)

Exhibition: Two, three, many - Artist: Esteban Álvarez (ARG)

Centro Sociocultural Walter Buscemi:

BIENALSUR Action: Talk with Esteban Álvarez

Screening: Documentaries BIENALSUR


BIENASUR action: The labyrinth of monsters at the end of the world: Borges and the biological sciences. Talk with Pablo La Padula