BIENALSUR presents the Open Air Museum of Digital Art


As of April 22nd, over 400 advertising screens located in the streets of several Latin American cities will be exhibiting video art works by artists who will participate in the second edition of BIENALSUR, thus turning this initiative into "the world’s largest open air museum of digital art".

Through this innovative proposal that storms into the public space to offer passers-by free access to works to be projected 24 hours a day, the biennial will shorten distances by connecting artists and spectators from all over the region through digital art.

This project is the result of an alliance between the general and artistic direction of BIENALSUR, the Out of Home Latin American Association ALOOH and FEPE, the Federation European Publicite Exterieur, which was announced in the forum held in Colombia last November to bring together communication and advertising representatives.

In every nook and cranny of Latin America, the advertising screens will show video art pieces with a wide range of styles and themes, which resulted from the call launched by BIENALSUR under the motto "Images for a better world".

Thus, projects by artists from Turkey, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Italy, Colombia, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, France and Peru will be exhibited on numerous screens in Rosario, Asunción, Trujillo, El Salvador, Mexico City, Viña del Mar, Antofagasta, Quito, Cali, Córdoba, Mendoza and many other locations.

BIENALSUR, the most important cultural event from Argentina to the world, will gather works by over 400 artists in 21 countries, 112 venues and 43 cities from June to November 2019.


Benna Gaean Maris (Italy)

Mikio Saito (Japan)

Khalil Charif (Brazil)

Marianne Majluf (Peru)

Isabel Perez Del Pulgar (Spain/France)

Gabriel Sasiambarrena (Argentina)

Flávio Cro (Brazil)

Alican Durbaş (Turkey)

Adriana Spasiano (Argentina)

Federico Lucas Kohn (Argentina)

Patricia Londoño (Colombia)

Jasmin Rapti (Greece)

Leonardo Martín Blanc (Argentina)

Carolina Barros (Chile)

Alejandro Ramírez (Colombia)

Frank Lahera O’Callaghan (Cuba)

Edith Coka (Colombia)

Julio Urbina Rey (Peru)

Christian Becerra (Mexico)

Mariella Sola (Chile/Francia)

Ignacio Liang (Argentina)

Stéphanie Pommeret (Francia)