La Térmica launches its call for the programme "Creators 2023" in collaboration with BIENALSUR


6 vacancies are available to develop an artistic residency at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea of Málaga Deputation in Spain. The initiative is open to projects and artists from all over the world and the deadline for applications is from August 15 to October 31, 2022.

Registration: click on the website of La Térmica 

The programme of artistic residencies "Creators" of the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea of the Málaga Deputation (La Térmica), opens the registration to participate in its ninth edition, the second in collaboration with BIENALSUR. Registration is open from 15 August to 31 October 2023 the website of La Térmica. 

Just like in its 2022 edition, "Creators" offers 6 vacancies for the development of projects from all around the world. The decision will be announced between November and December 2022. The residency will take place from March to April 2023 and will include an open day in May.

The ninth edition of the programme to support contemporary creation is committed to promoting the professional careers of artists. As in previous years, the assistance offered by "Creators" consists of a workspace and technical, financial and training resources. Within this framework, 57 artists have attended the centre's activities since 2014.

In its eighth edition (2022), with the special collaboration of BIENALSUR for the first time, the artists Gal Levinson (Israel), Carolina Cherubini (Brazil), Bernat Puig (Spain), Javier Hirschfeld (Spain) and, the Collective Wichuña and Juan Ignacio Cabruja from Argentina were selected out of more than 245 proposals submitted from countries such as the United States, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Greece, Mexico and Poland. 

The previous edition featured creators from different latitudes trained in different artistic disciplines, from choreography, dance and textile design, and photography to technological aesthetics and scenography.  

On this occasion, the selection committee was made up of Eugenio Carmona, historian and professor at the Universidad de Málaga, and Diana Wechsler, Artistic and Academic Director of BIENALSUR. With regard to the selected works, the jury considered the definition of subjectivity in the social environment as the central theme. From different points of view, the proposals debated the new subjectivities of the contemporary individual and their relationship with art.

What will the 2023 edition of "Creators" be like?

The new edition of "Creators" will provide artists with accommodation and a workspace for a total stay of two months, from March 1 to April 30, 2023. In addition, the selected candidates will receive a financial endowment of €1000. The viability and consistency of the project, its originality, its alignment with La Térmica's and BIENALSUR's lines of action as well as the capacity to create multidisciplinary collaboration networks will be some of the criteria that the assessment committee will take into account.

Likewise, deadline compliance and the quality of the dossiers, curricula and documentation will be considered in detail by the committee made up of the management of La Térmica and BIENALSUR, who will decide on the resolutions.