RADIOEE.NET + Radio CASO present a 24-hr translingual radio broadcast
Re-broadcast partners include BIENALSUR & CCK

On the 100th anniversary of the first global entertainment broadcast, 24 online radio stations from across the world present WIRELESS, a 24-hr translingual radio broadcast about planetary wireless communication.

On August 27, 2020, Midnight to Midnight Argentina Time, WIRELESS explores radio pasts and futures, from technology to entertainment. Everything wireless runs on radio, radio waves are the medium of wireless internet. Through translingual dialogue, music and sound, Wireless will consider the various modalities of this evolving planetary condition--spectrum, networks, telecommunications, infrastructure, urban acrobatics, physics, entertainment and education. Each partner radio will rebroadcast the marathon stream, leading to an amplification of radio investigation, entertainment, and solidarity. 

Segments will include Radio Physics; Signal Policing; Pirate Grime; Entertainment Evolutions; Spectrum Auction; Paratelepathy; BBC Coverup; Bats, Bees and Butterflies; Wire Walking; Remote Control; Troubleshooting and Workarounds; Crossed Wires; ZombieRadioTransoceánica; Devoiced; AI Heteroia; Marconi Story Hour; Desierto Blanco Primera Vez; HelloLand! A Kite on Signal HIll; 5G Pandemonia & Viral Times; SAOCOM Satellite Mission; Ópera de los Vientos, and more. 

WIRELESS is curated by Radio Espacio Estacion (nomadic) + Radio CASo (Buenos Aires), with partner radios including Radio Alhara (Palestina), Fruit Salad Radio (London), Radio Tsonami (Chile), The Radio School (Croatia), Chicoco Radio (Nigeria), Shanghai Community Radio (Shanghai), FM91 (Pakistan), Fanfare (Amsterdam), Radio Relativa (Madrid), Idade Media (Amazonia), Radio Nacional (Argentina), Radio Nopal (Mexico City), Das Antenna Rot Radio (Bratislava), Radio Crisálida (Cuba), Wave Farm (New York), Territorio Específico (Montevideo), Radio Livre Ataca (Brasil), Rocket Radio (Italy), and nodes from Chipre, Lebanon, Wuhan, Ghana, Melbourne, Newfoundland and Antarctica.

Re-broadcast partners include BIENALSUR & CCK.