The Water That Extinguished the Fire


El agua que apagó el fuego (The Water That Extinguished the Fire) is the title of a book of photographs by the Tierra del Fuego artist Gustavo Groh. Introduced by María Teresa Luiz, this is "an invitation to delve into memory and the 'readings' of recent history." The photographs portray the landscapes lying in the southernmost region of the Southern Cone and record the traces of what could have been a war between Argentina and Chile. 

"The war was not a reality, yet despite this, the images stir currents in the depths of our consciousness. Perhaps no written account of the events could spark our imagination as vividly as the picture of our landscapes become battlefields, or open our minds to the understanding that war is not merely an issue of foreign policy; it is first and foremost an internal political event, the most atrocious of all," writes Luiz in her prologue. The photos taken by Groh bear witness to a chapter in our recent history that has been silenced. 

Km: 2984

Venue: MFA - Museo Fueguino de Arte - Centro Cultural Yaganes

Address: Av. Manuel Belgrano 319

City: Río Grande



Gustavo Groh (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Memories and Oblivion



From 20/05/2019

To 08/10/2019