Urban tributes

Opening Thursday December 9th 10am Urban tributes was born out of the need to break down certain barriers in the field of contemporary art in order to render it more accessible by placing it in the street through words, paper and the notion of multiplicity. Our project is co-produced by an artist (Ale Giorgga) and a curator (Melisa Boratyn). Since 2017, we have been thinking how to make more people aware of the art history of our country, highlighting a group of deceased Argentine artists whom we consider to be highly significant creators. Our work is inspired by the debate and the pursuit of a way to reflect the itineraries and intentions of these artists in a graphic poster, thus achieving a close connection with the urban milieu. We conducted a research process that resulted in a piece and pasted it in the surroundings of the space, museums and institutions where the artist's work was presented. We did not ask for permissions or seek approval for this action; instead, we operated autonomously, promoting the need for freedom that allows UT to express itself in a genuine and independent fashion. Today we are proud to say that over the years the project has slipped out of our hands to acquire a wonderful autonomy in the process of democratisation that is learned in the urban environment. If the street belongs to everyone, so does Urban Tributes to some extent. Our small legacy advances the hypothesis that art can speak for itself and that viewers are active beings who vibrate with whatever draws their attention, and then reach their own conclusions. Our project gently tries to fill in some of the gaps that the contemporary art scene does not always occupy, since it does not respond to many of the demands that the artists we are paying homage to once made about their work, with intentions that differ from those of the art system. Hence, from the outside and by giving ourselves over to randomness, we lay down a bridge.

Km: 664

Venue: Universidad Nacional de Los Comechingones

Address : Héroes de Malvinas 1587

City : Villa de Merlo, San Luis



Ale Giorgga (ARG)

Melisa Boratyn (ARG)


Florencia Battiti (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Art Politics

From 2021/12/09

To 2021/12/31