Opening November 18th 6pm

Visits: Wednesday to Sundays from 2pm to 8pm, without previous registration.  A critical exploration of the limits of psychoanalysis and psychiatry underlies Gernot Wieland's audiovisual collages in which the habit of saying "I" is confronted with a radical empathy for other living beings and the landscape.  An inquisitive gaze at the cruelty and strangeness of the world articulates possible answers to two questions that define his work with a childlike insistence: What do we see? What do we want to see?  His narratives operate on the present, past and future like layers of plasticine, slowly moulding images of words and silences, absurd creatures born from the incestuous cross between memory and fiction. The tale "The Bremen Town Musicians" by the Grimm Brothers, the script of Hitchcock's The Birds and the mythical Guarani figure of El Pombero are some of the fables of an animal world on which he projects new human accounts ranging from autobiography to the history of Austria. The title of the exhibition plays with the affective networks that he traces from the Freudian notion of transference, understood as the repetition of traumatic childhood experiences in the bonds of the present, but extending it to relationships with non-human agents.

The present selection of videos - which includes a work commissioned by BIENALSUR: Bird in Italian is Uccello - responds to these vital accounts of crossed stories between different species, landscapes and objects that share a collective unconscious. Gernot uses them to emphasise the possibilities for a post-human ethic, which are already present in popular culture and which open up paths within the nonsense to which we have been led by the belief in man as the centre of the universe. Leandro Martínez Depietri

The presentation of Gernot Wieland at BIENALSUR 2021 was produced in collaboration with Phileas.

The exhibitions BIENALSUR 2021 at the Centro Cultural Kirchner are supported by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina.

Photo: Thievery and Songs by Gernot Wieland 

Km: 1.3

Venue: Centro Cultural Kirchner

Address : Sarmiento 151

City : Buenos Aires



Gernot Wieland (AUT)


Leandro Martínez Depietri (ARG)



From 2021/11/18

To 2022/02/13