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Chaos is the "absence of any order known as such", a "complex structure of different and independent units: embracing chaos is embracing the order we refuse for the sake of a previous one". These are quotes from Noé's 1965 book, texts that permeate his work and at the same time provide it with vitality and recreate it day by day on the basis of the critical sense that the notion of chaos settles on reality and, therefore, on the artistic practice itself. Confusion, the huge 2017 installation, condenses his vision of a world in constant change. A dynamic tension rules the untamed centrifugal structure of this piece. The convergence of planes, the voids that integrate spaces and the mirrors bring in images from outside the work, as well as the human landscape surrounding this open, broken, unstable volume.

However, the fragmented vision underlying Confusion - as suggested by the name - is an invitation to an articulated reading through the rhythm of vertical and diagonal forms that generate a variety of angles, creatively expanded through colour, which seems to leap from one point to another, causing the structure to vibrate and, with it, the space that the work defines. The mirrors help to expand the chaos and inevitably include the viewer in it. Noé persistently invites us to dwell in chaos, to find ourselves in it and to enjoy its expansive force, its creative power; in short, its uncertainty, and thus the possibility of exploring other paths. Diana B. Wechsler

Embracing chaos is embracing the order we refuse for the sake of a previous one. 

Luis Felipe Noé 

Photo: Matias Roth

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Venue: MUNTREF Centro de Arte Contemporáneo y Museo de la Inmigración - Sede Hotel de Inmigrantes

Address : Av. Antártida Argentina S/N (entre Dirección Nacional de Migraciones y Buquebus)

City : Buenos Aires



Luis Felipe Noé (ARG)


Diana B. Wechsler (ARG)

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From 2021/11/06

To 2022/06/05