Rebel memories

Opening November 6th 8pm Visits: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on weekends from 2 pm to 5 pm. No reservations are required, but we suggest coordinating a visit through whatsapp +54 2966 573782.

Some events remain in time and, however much we may want to hide them or ignore them, they remain latent and reappear when least expected. They permeate objects and threaten oblivion. Not only are they constructions that bore witness and that still today many try to tear down, but also stains on the earth, voices in the wind, minor details that return in vague yet powerful ways.Thus, this BIENALSUR exhibition addresses both history and the present, a time without borders, when workers dared to ask for better working conditions, such as not sleeping in overcrowded spaces or to be given a pack of candles a month. 

The opening idea is a good argument: the exhibition takes place on the one hundredth anniversary of the uprisings in Patagonia, known as the "workers' strikes", which were rescued from oblivion by tenacious researchers, such as the historian Osvaldo Bayer in his work The Avengers of Tragic Patagonia (better known as Rebellion in Patagonia). The proposal aims to investigate these ambiguous stains that persist today, sometimes only in the unconscious, since most of the events have been virtually obliterated from official Argentine and Chilean historical accounts.

Fernando Farina

Photo:  Alberto Passolini

Km: 2083

Venue: MAEM - Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicceli

City : Río Gallegos



Maxi López (ARG)

Ale Montiel (ARG)

Museo de Historia Natural Río Seco (CHL)

Andriana Opacak (ARG)

Alberto Passolini (ARG)

Silvana Torres (ARG)

José Luis Tuñon (ARG)

Pablo Walker (ARG)


Fernando Farina (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Fluid Constellations



From 2021/11/06

To 2022/02/13