Extended Realities

Opening October 2nd  Visits: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 12pm to 8pm. Admission to Tecnópolis by previous reservation on the web. 

Since its onset, humanity has found a set of tools for being in the world and influencing it at the intersection of art, technology, and science. From ancient humans who left traces of their discoveries with drawings and symbols on cave walls to today's digital age, the convergence of these three languages has given rise to a continuum of new forms of expression and discovery. Science and art are among the most basic human attempts to understand and describe the reality of which they are a part. Even if their objects of study and methods vary or their audiences differ, in many cases the motivations and goals of artists and scientists are often the same: they all seek to understand the world around them. The encounter in their differences allows them to expand perspectives and questions as well as to experiment with the perceptible limits of reality. Artists are increasingly interested in the concepts and methods of science and technology, just as scientists seek to create models for exploring the world by drawing on imaginative ideas and concepts in order to transcend the boundaries of the knowable. MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Ciencia is a laboratory-museum that invites visitors to discover the transdisciplinary research and projects underlying the explorations of artists, researchers, and scientists from the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) on the interaction between artistic languages, scientific enquiries, artificial intelligence proposals, biology, the environment, neurosciences, transmodal correspondences, and health. The exhibition Extended Realities proposes an immersive experience in the pursuits of researchers and artists. Experiments, narratives, and workshops bring the public closer to the processes undertaken by the research teams to conduct their investigations and to the way in which collaborative actions unfold between players from different fields and disciplines. Inquests into the relationship between constellations of sounds and voices, emotions, digital devices, and ways of representing reality invite us to expand our senses and give free rein to our curiosity about the environment we are part of.  

Paula Hrycyk

Photo: Agitado from Correspondencias Transmodales. 

Km: 13

Venue: MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Ciencia. Sede Tecnópolis

Address : Av. Gral. Paz casi Constituyentes

City : Villa Martelli




Correspondencias Transmodales (ARG)

AudioStellar + Intercambios Transorgánicos (ARG)


Paula Hrycyk (ARG)



From 2021/10/02

To 2021/12/12