Neighbouring Village. Relational Practices in La Boca, Alto Verde

Opening September 16th 8.30 p.m. This exhibition brings together projects conducted by five visual artists from the city of Santa Fe, based on the artist residency developed in the village of La Boca, Alto Verde, in collaboration with people from this community located in the La Costa district of the city of Santa Fe, Argentina. Within the framework of Museo Abierto, a project that seeks to discuss the limits of museum institutions by promoting participatory and relational practices with nearby communities, in February 2021 the Secretariat of Education and Culture of the Municipality of Santa Fe invited visual artists from Santa Fe and the region to discover this neighbouring village and to accompany artistic projects that stem from encounters with the community and its surroundings.

In collaboration with BIENALSUR, the productions resulting from this joint work are presented in a dialogue with objects and pieces from the collections of the Museo Municipal de Artes Visuales Sor -Josefa Díaz Clucellas and the Museo Fernández Navarro, as well as the Museo de Liro in the vicinity of the area. The aim is to construct new situated visions of this territory and to examine the ways in which the place and its inhabitants have been traditionally represented. The settlement of La Boca is located on the southern border of Alto Verde, a thin coastal strip that stretches along the access channel to the port. The older residents say that the settlement was created because of its proximity to the canal when the first dock workers arrived there at the beginning of the 20th century. Today the community of La Boca barely remembers that past. Fishing is the most common livelihood and the Paraná River's tides regulate its pace. Folk music and dance survive as a legacy of those first settlers who came from different parts of the country.

Km: 392

Venue: Centro Experimental del Color

Address : Bv. Gálvez 1150

City :



Luciano Giardino (ARG)

Florencia Horn (ARG)

Laura Hotham y Valeria Barbero (ARG)

Ángeles Rivero (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Fluid Constellations



From 2021/09/16

To 2021/11/14