Online session towards BIENALSUR 2021. On focus: dialogue with Leoluca Orlando

On Saturday 19th December, at 12 pm (Argentine time) we will present a new online session towards BIENALSUR 2021, the last one of the year. A focused dialogue with the Italian politician Leoluca Orlando, former mayor of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, to think and debate -from his administration experience- about culture's role in the construction of citizenship, one of the foundational goals of BIENALSUR.

"Contemporary art should not be an exclusive privilege of some but an

instrument for cultural transformation", says the lawyer recognized for his fight against the established violence, with whom will talk Aníbal Jozami, General Director of BIENALSUR; Diana Wechsler, Artistic-Academic Director of BIENALSUR; and Patricia Rousseaux, founder and editorial director of ARTE!Brasileiros, about ART and MIGRATION; about the right to identity and the place of culture, art and artists in that sense; art and its "contagious" effect for citizen freedom. 

Streaming on with simultaneous translation into Spanish

FREE, without previous registration.

Km: 2.6

Venue: Rectorado Centro

Address : Juncal 1319

City : Buenos Aires


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