PREMIERE of the documentary THE WALKERS; BOUND FOR THE SACRED CITY (Ciudad Sagrada), Tucumán

Towards BIENALSUR 2021, on Saturday, October 17th , 12pm (Argentina time), don’t miss the premiere of the documentary THE WALKERS; BOUND FOR  THE SACRED CITY (Ciudad Sagrada), Tucumán - BIENALSUR 2019. Live streaming with simultaneous translation to English.

TURN project, by the Japanese artist Katsuhiko Hibino, was born as an artistic activity of social inclusion that seeks the exchange between people with different histories and knowledge, in minority communities, with the objective of provoking a transformation in the way of looking at and thinking about the surrounding world.

To develop the second edition of TURN, which was held for the first time in BIENALSUR 2017, Hibino and BIENALSUR thought of the Argentine Northwest zone (NOA) and thus explore the exchange between two ancestral cultures such as the Japanese and that of the native peoples of the Diaguita-Calchaquí Valley in Tucumán.

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Km: 2.6

Venue: Rectorado Centro

Address : Juncal 1319

City : Buenos Aires


Curatorial axes:

Art and Social Action

From 2020/10/17

To 2020/10/17