Maleficents: plants and witchcraft in Argentina


The use of "magical" medicinal plants has a long tradition linked to witchcraft. An original ethnobotanical collection dedicated to the study of Argentinean witches is displayed in the Pharmacobotanical Museum of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the UBA. Its director, Dr Marcelo Wagner and Lic. Leonardo M. Anconatani, will tell their own story and  relationship with European witchcraft, within the framework of the exhibition Vegetal Memory (19th century Brendel Models) / 

Moderator: Pablo La Padula.

Km: 5.5

Venue: MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Naturaleza - Sede Ecoparque de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Address: Av. Sarmiento 2725

City: Buenos Aires



Pablo La Padula (ARG)

Tótem Tabú - Laura Códega, Malena Pizani y Hernán Soriano (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Art and Nature

From 09/11/2019

To 31/12/2019