The installation by Lucas Sere Peltzer and Sebastián Podestá uses symbolic references and documentary material to unmask European migratory policy, shedding light on the initiatives which function in this framework as forms of explicit or implicit resistance. The artists have pulled together a range of documentary material to create the installation from border checkpoints, studying the situation of the refugee camps in Europe and visiting impromptu settlements in cities and towns, to construct a multifaceted view of the problem.

The site-specific installation is made up of abandoned UN Refugee Agency blankets, all bearing the code 05786. The blankets serve to protect people’s bodies against the cold as much as to hide them from sight, from those around them. These blankets, set on the beds which once welcomed those arriving at the former Immigrants Hotel in Buenos Aires at the outset of the 20th century, establish a silent parallel between migratory policies that are very distant in terms of time and place, and starkly opposed regarding both procedures and results.  

Artists: Lucas Sere Peltzer (ARG/DEU), Matiullah Afzal (AFG/FRA), Wiktoria Konwent (POL), Sebastián Podestá (ARG/ESP)


Km: 0

Address: Av. Antártida Argentina S/N, 1104 CABA

City: Buenos Aires